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College of Tourism
Welcome~Tainan University of Technology


Establishment History

The recent rapid growth of the tourism industry in Taiwan has resulted in a great increase of demand in both the quality and quantity of human resources. Therefore, the College of Tourism is devoted to the education of high-quality students who are interested in the tourism and hospitality field. The College of Tourism was founded in 2013, and consists of the Departments of Applied English and Hotel Management, as well as programs in Hospitality Management and Leisure Regimen Management. The integration of these different but related elements from each department introduces a new and refreshing outlook, which is incorporated in our education to give students diversified skills and knowledge. The College of Tourism is dedicated to cultivating professionalism, a positive attitude, and language proficiency in our students, as well as providing them with opportunities to visit overseas and chances to intern in respectable hotels.


Development Features

Based on the evolving idea of “excellent service and appearance, good living attitude, fortified language ability, overseas visits, and job internships,” we strive to nurture our graduates to contribute to the economy and the constructive development of our country and to become future experts in the tourism industry.

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